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Yellow Candles.  Why we do it?

Top 10 Reasons for your Florida Club to participate

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Yellow Candle Ordering Discounts:

Note:There are 48 candles in a case and the cost is $72.00 per case.

Save up to $11.00 per case on quantity discounts for Bulk Candle Cases, (minimum 4 cases) with FREE shipping, if ordered BEFORE December 31, 2015.

Save up to $9.00 per case(minimum order 4 cases) if ordered by January 20, 2016.   Early Bird Discounts end January 20, 2016.

Last day to order candles for Direct Mail shipment is March 1, 2016.

Last day to bulk order candle cases of Yellow Candles, is April 1, 2016 to guarantee delivery before Yom HaShaoh.

Why we do it?  Top 10 Reasons for your Florida Club to participate

To Order Your Candles:

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E-mail FJMC at: [email protected]

Call FJMC toll free at: 1-800-391-7293

Contact Florida Yellow Candle Chairman Art Stark at [email protected]