South Florida MOY-YOY Instructions

The Southeast Florida MOY – YOY Celebration is November 19th 1pm- 5:30pm at Temple Torat Emet. floridacloseup

8600 Jog Road, Boynton Beach, FL. This is a beautiful shul with extraordinary ruach and warmth.  Thank you Temple Torat Emet and Men’s Club President Ira Brandell for being our hosts.   [email protected]  Download the South Florida MOY – YOY instructions

It’s all about the honorees!!! They deserve all the Kavod!!! 2017 Honorees to date:

We look forward to honoring them with all of you.

South Florida Information.

  1. Luncheon
  2. Tribute Journal
  3. 50-50 chance to win

It’s all about honoring the honorees!!! They deserve all the Kavod!!!


This year’s Man of the Year is Sunday, November 19th, 1pm – 5:30pm at Temple Torat Emet

Address: 8600 S Jog Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33472

Please RSVP to your Club President or Club MOY-YOY Chair.

$50 per dinner.  Will there also be a children’s meal for $25 for those under 13?  That makes 5 menu choices,
Chicken Marsala
Stuffed Cabbage
Veggie upon request (Eggplant Rollatini)
Children’s meal
Charlie Deutch
FJMC South Sub-RegionalExecutive Vice President
Cell: 561 371-1254

Directions to the Man of the Year – Temple Torat Emet, Boynton Beach FL

Click here.


MOY – YOY Program

  1. Registration/Check-in starts at 1 P.M.
  2. The Event will be as follows:1 PM Happy Hour and Hand Passed Horsdurves 2 – 3 PM Ceremony and Awards – 2 minutes for presentor and 3 minutes for Honorees3 – 5:30 PM Dinner and Party (Entertainment Yoel Hyman 

Club Presidents: 

Please ask your members and guests to RSVP with you as your Men’s Club President or your assigned Chair. Adults $50.00. Children under 13 $25.00.

ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, PLEASE SEND YOUR CURRENT CHECK AND RSVP NUMBERS. Please send your entire guest list.  The contact person is Stephen Hyman 561-436-5569.


Tribute Journal

Ask your members and supporters to please send you tributes to your Club President or Club Tribute Journal Chair. Or send them directly to [email protected]

This year the clubs will receive a 50% rebate after we pay the costs of printing the Tribute Journals. The rebate should go out to the clubs within about two weeks of the final MOY-YOY Celebration. We are working to keep the printing costs down. Please make your payments to your Men’s Club c/o your Club President.

The Journal deadline is Monday, November 6th.   The honorees deserve all the kavod.

  • $ 250.00 Color Full Page Tribute Ad
  • $ 135.00 Color Half Page
  • $ 75.00 Color Quarter Page
  • $ 50.00 Business Cards only
  • $ 36.00 Name and honoree only

The full page Tribute sizes are 4.75″ x 6.00″ portrait style. Please either send the words and pictures and we will lay it out for you; or send as jpg or pdf. Please include your return email address. We will make it available to you for proofing.

Club Presidents: Please email the Tributes to Ed Margolis as they come in. Please do not wait til the last minute. Send them to [email protected] .

Please direct everyone placing tribute ads in the journal to send and make out the check to your clubs. On the Journal deadline Monday, November 6th, total the money collected and make out a check to the FJMC Florida Region for the total. Keep a spreadsheet listing each Tribute ad received and how much you collected for the tribute. Make 6 columns. $250, $135, $75, $50, $36 & total.

Mail your club check to:

Moshe Adler, Treasurer

7350 Clarke Rd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Please attach a copy of the worksheet with the check

Please attach a copy of the worksheet with the check. After expenses for printing the Tribute Journal, the region will rebate 50% of the proceeds back to the club. We expect to send the rebates within two weeks of the November 20th celebration.

Overall Wrap up

If your club does not have an honoree or honorees this year, we hope you will consider naming an honore next year.

By M0nday, November 6th we need an accounting of where we stand on the 1. Journal, 2. RSVPs. Please send status reports on these two items to the following emails:

[email protected].com, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Charlie Deutch, Chairman

FJMC South Sub-Regional

Executive Vice President

Cell: 561 371-1254

e-mail: [email protected]


Member of Men’s Club of Temple Torat Emet

West Boynton Beach Florida

Make club checks payable to FJMC Florida Region.  Mail your club check to:

Moshe Adler, Treasurer

7350 Clarke Rd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Please attach a copy of your accounting and associated worksheets with the check.

After November 1st, please continue to communicate your additional numbers to the appropriate chairs.  The Chairs are:


Presidents, we need the names of the Chairs you’ve assigned to fill each of these three functions for your club.  Please send these club chair names and contact information to the four email addresses above.

ON NOVEMBER 6th, PLEASE SEND YOUR CURRENT CHECK AND RSVP NUMBERS. Please send your entire lunch guest list with dinner selections to : Stephen Hyman

Any additional late RSVPs which are accepted can be paid for with a club check at the celebration.


 Mazel Tov! And see ya there!



 Click HERE for the 2015 South Florida Tribute Journal.