FJMC in Chicago, IL
June 30 - July 4, 2021

Do not miss our 2021 International Convention. Chicago is a great place for a family vacation, with a host of attractions for your entire family including: Boat Cruise, Major League Baseball Outing, and 4th of July Fireworks.

Additionally, you get to hang out and learn with your friends from near and far.  Please ensure you renew or join the IKC on your registration form, so you can attend the  IKC's special evening event (lots of Scotch and other goodies). You don't want to miss out!

Open registration will begin September 1st

Preliminary Schedule

Monday, June 28th
monday pre-con activities

Tuesday, June 29th
tues pre-con activities

Wednesday, June 30
Convention Begins: Get there early enough to be a part of the Plenary Session, when you'll be able to vote for the new leadership for the FJMC.
Join your Region in the showing of your regional colors as the 'Parade' of Regions starts the official festivities.

Thursday, July 1st
Keynote Address (morning): description and bio link
Keynote Address (afternoon). description and bio link

​Friday, July 2nd
Keynote Address and link to bio
Afternoon program

Saturday, July 3rd
<Yet to be reveled>

Sunday, July 4th
Special 4th of July post-Convention programming